January 18, 2013

Stralia—An exercise in contrast

My latest project—typeface Stralia—is a study in contrast informed by the broad nib pen. It has certainly been a big learning curve. ‘Learning how to see’ would be the way I would describe the experience of designing this typeface. And still there is so much more learning to come. Balancing the weight of each character and making them all work together as a team is not something that comes overnight.

Stralia was designed for use in small text sizes. In larger sizes however you can see some of the small details that make Stralia organic and approachable.

Below is an example of Stralia’s character set showing Uppercase, Lowercase, Small Caps, Numerals and other non-alphabetics. Stralia also has stylistic alternates for C, G, Q, R, S and s, which change the feel of the typeface to something a little more serious. You can compare the two below in the word ‘ORGANICS’.