August 28, 2012

Orientation Day & Workshop at KABK

Finally the day arrived to meet my Type]Media 2012/13 classmates. Most of us have been intouch via Facebook and Twitter so when we met in person it was almost like we knew each other.

On day one we received an introduction by the faculty and an overview of the different study areas of the Royal Academy of Art. Afterwards we had a tour of the facilities, a few beers and then an evening bbq followed by DJ's.

On the second day we got to choose from a range of workshops. I participated in the 'Program or be programed' workshop. Normally programming would not be my choice but I thought it might be a good to experience something that I was not familiar with. We played around with Processing, a programming language for visual artists. We were able to make random sounds and images which can interact with movement and other input devices. and Messa di Voce are awesome examples of what you can do with Processing.